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Liabilities Insurance

  • General Third Party Liability

    Provides cover for Public Liability, Workers Compensation, Employer’s Liability and Product Liability up to the limits set in the insurance contract, and includes the legal defense expenses, accumulated interest expenses, etc.

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  • Employer’s Liability

    Employer’s Liability Insurance offers protection against lawsuits filed by employees for accidental bodily injuries or death in the course of the performance of his/her professional obligations for which the company may be held responsible under the current labour legislation. This product is available for a wide range of employers engaged in various economic activities. 

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  • Product Liability

    Product liability insurance is intended to cover the expenses incurred by the manufacturer or the retailer of a product for any damage caused to its consumers by the product they used. The product liability insurance does not cover the actual quality of the products manufactured and sold to consumers but the damage caused to third parties by certain defects of the products.

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  • Firearm Holders Insurance

    The insurance is designed for individuals who carry fire guns for the purpose of safeguarding and/or self-defence, and is therefore mandatory insurance pursuant to the Firearms, Explosives and Ammunitions Act of the Republic of Bulgaria.  

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  • Professional Liability Insurance

    The professional liability insurance, also called professional indemnity insurance, protects physical and legal persons from bearing the costs of defending against claims made by clients, and from awarded damages, ensuing from their negligence in fulfilling their professional obligations.

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