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What are the most common risks for the car because of which it is worth concluding a motor hull insurance

NEWS_PUBLISH_DATE 18 August 2020
What are the most common risks for the car because of which it is worth concluding a motor hull insurance image

Motor hull insurance is a type of car, voluntary insurance. Through it, your car is protected from a large number of risks - traffic accidents, natural disasters, intentional malicious actions of third parties and much more. Damage to your car can certainly cause trouble and adversely affect both your pocket and your mood.

Damage in case of a traffic accident

The problem of the war on Bulgarian roads remains on the agenda. From the beginning of 2020 until June, 2371 serious traffic accidents were registered, and for minor accidents, no official statistics are kept. As a rule, in the event of an accident on the road, both parties fill in a bilateral statement of findings or in case of disagreement between the participants, the Traffic Police authorities draw up a report. In case you are the guilty party in the event of an accident, the Civil Liability Insurance will cover your liability for damages. As for the cost of repairing the damage to your car - they remain entirely your concern. This can be saved if you have a casco policy.

Malicious actions - vandalism

The vandalism can take various forms - scratching your car, cutting its tires, breaking glass or other malicious action that causes material damage to the insured. Fortunately, motor hull insurance also covers this type of risk.

Damage to the parking lot

Parking in big cities is becoming increasingly difficult. There are few drivers who would admit their guilt or leave their coordinates if they accidentally collided with someone else's car while parking. When you have motor hull insurance, the damage to the parking lot will also be covered, paid for or directly repaired by an insurer.

Car theft

Statistics show that only in the capital - Sofia, an average of 2 cars are stolen per day. The most stolen cars are those about 10 years old, and the goal is to cut them up and sell them in parts. Fear of theft risk is one of the most common reasons for taking out motor hull insurance.

Natural disasters

The natural disasters from which you can protect and defend your vehicle are:

  • storm;
  • hail;
  • flood;
  • hurricane;
  • others.

Recommendations for concluding a motor hull insurance from I&G Brokers

Motor hull insurance is part of car insurance. Unlike civil liability, it is not mandatory. However, I&G Brokers reminds that this type of insurance should not be underestimated. It can save your time, nerves and money.