Pamporovo with requests for thousands to insurers

Publish date 19 March 2015
Pamporovo with requests for thousands to insurers image

Several hundred thousand levs are demanded by Pamporovo AD from the insurers because of the damages suffered by the series of disasters this winter, announced the executive director of the company Marian Belyakov.

According to him, this winter season there is a 7% increase in tourists so far in Pamporovo, and the increase would have been more significant if the disaster situations in the region had not occurred.

According to BTA, Pamporovo AD expects a response from insurers regarding the damage assessment. Due to the heavy snow cover accumulated in March, the resort plans to extend the ski season until mid-April.

The company informs that the landslide, which closed the road from Smolyan to Plovdiv on Sunday, has become another test for Pamporovo.

The 200 guests who arrived from the famous Dutch tour operator Corendon reached the resort thanks to a corridor provided during the clearing of the closed road section near Bachkovo.

Pamporovo AD reports as an exceptional success the charter program agreed for the next winter season with Dutch tourists with a direct flight from Amsterdam to Plovdiv Airport.

According to Marian Belyakov, in the last few weeks Pamporovo has been "bombarded" by natural disasters such as torrential rains, heavy snowfall and power outages.

According to him, there are a total of four emergencies in the resort this winter. In such conditions, tourists cancel their trips, shorten their stay or cancel the planned vacation.