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Insurance companies

Insurance brokers guarantee the timeliness of the tariff conditions offered by insurance companies.

Armeec Insurance JSC image

Armeec is an insurance joint stock company established in 1996. Armeec Insurance Company is part of the Chimimport Group, one of the largest holdings in Bulgaria.

Armeec Insurance Company offers the following types of insurance:

  • Car insurance - Third party liability, motor hull insurance;
  • Property insurance - Sheltered home, Protected family, Protected property, Industrial fire, Industrial fire - All risks;
  • Marine insurance - Casco of vessels, Civil liability related to the possession and use of vessels;
  • Accident - Accident and illness, Accident at work, Individual insurance "Accident", Accident at the seats in the vehicle, Accident at students, Accident at the passengers in public transport, Visitors to sports and entertainment facilities, cultural and other events vessels, Accident of athletes;
  • Cargo and OP - Freight during transport - Cargo, Liability of the carrier of goods on the road, Money on the road, Liability of the forwarder;
  • Aviation insurance - Aircraft hull, Civil liability related to the possession and use of aircraft;
  • Liabilities - Civil liability of legal entities, Liability of the product, Professional liability of lawyers, Professional liability of notaries, Professional liability of expert accountants and financial auditors, Professional liability of medical staff, Professional liability of insurance brokers and insurance agents, Liability of hoteliers the restaurateur, Professional liability of teachers and educators, Liability of the employer, Liability of the owners of weapons, Civil liability of individuals;
  • Financial risks - Loans, Guarantees, Miscellaneous financial losses;
  • Travel insurance - Assistance in traveling abroad; Medical insurance for foreigners in Bulgaria,, Cancellation of travel, Rescue costs, Travel insurance, Accident of hotel guests;
  • Technical insurance - Electronic equipment, Accident of machines, Decay of goods in refrigerators, Interruption of production;
  • Agricultural insurance - Perennial and forest plantations, Agricultural crops, Animals, birds and beehives;
  • Construction insurance - All risks of the entrepreneur, Professional liability of the participants in the design and construction.