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Insurance companies

Insurance brokers guarantee the timeliness of the tariff conditions offered by insurance companies.

Life Insurance Institute AD image

Life Insurance Institute AD develops active activity on the life insurance market with a permit for carrying out insurance activity - Decision № 758 - ЖЗ of 09.12.2005 of the Financial Supervision Commission.

Life Insurance Institute AD offers the following types of insurance:

  • Medical insurance for foreigners in Bulgaria;
  • Group Risk Life Insurance;
  • Risk life insurance;
  • Risk life insurance of the Borrower;
  • Life Insurance - Independence Plus;
  • Accident of visitors to sports and entertainment facilities, cultural and other events;
  • Complex "Insurance of tourists in Bulgaria";
  • Accident and illness;
  • Group Insurance "Accident at work";
  • Accident of hotel clients in Bulgaria;
  • Student accident;
  • Accident of athletes;
  • Voluntary state insurance;
  • Group insurance "Accident and illness" - COVID-19;
  • Telemedicine insurance.