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Гражданска Отговорност Калкулатор
  • Life Insurance

    Individual Life Insurance 


    Term Life Insurance

    Term Life Insurance is the best way to provide yourself with insurance coverage and security in your daily activities. This type of insurance can provide additional financial support to your family in case of an unpredictable event in your life. In contrast with the long-term insurance programs with a savings element, this insurance program guarantees protection for the short term.


    Risk Life Insurance

    Risk Life Insurance is an appropriate way to provide insurance coverage and added security for one year. You can renew the policy every year at your discretion, since it is not a savings program. Rather, this program is specifically directed at providing insurance coverage for certain risks that may occur in a more dynamic and stressful way of life. Similar to the other term-life insurance programs, Risk Life Insurance provides additional financial support for the people you love, should anything unpredictable happen in your life. At the same time, choosing this insurance program also ensures protection in case of temporary disability, so that you can take the time to recover.


    Unit-Linked Life Insurance

    The Unit-Linked Life Insurance provides protection against unforeseen situations for a long period of time and at the same time allows you to invest your money in separate investment funds or programs of various profitability and level of investment risk.


    Endowment Insurance

    The Endowment Insurance is a personal investment providing insurance protection upon reaching its maturity or in case of death. The Endowment Insurance can also have additional covers – permanent disability, temporary disability, medical expenses, occupational accident, hospitalization in case of accident, grave illness.


    Child Insurance

    This insurance program is designed to the benefit of your child. It allows you to provide financial support for the important moments in the life of your child and is a good solution when you are seeking to protect your children from unforeseen circumstances. Through it you provide for the future of your child without unnecessary risk: education, home and an adequate start in life. You can choose the term of the insurance program so that the payment of the sum insured plus the accrued capital occurs when the child turns maturity or at the time of any other significant event.


    Group Life Insurance

    Group Accident Insurance

    Group Accident Insurance provides greater security and guaranteed insurance support in unforeseen circumstances that are the result of a group accident. This type of insurance is suitable for companies and organizations whose employees practise activities with a higher level of risk, according to the approved classification for determine the risk category in accordance with the type of production and profession. It covers loss of life and total permanent disability; it also applies in case of temporary disability. The term of this insurance can range from a month to a year depending on the preference of the employer and the acting legislation.  



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Гражданска Отговорност Калкулатор