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Гражданска Отговорност Калкулатор
  • Green Card Insurance

    The Green Card insurance is a certificate, which can be issued on the basis of valid vehicle liability insurance (MTPL). It covers the liability of the driver of the insured motor vehicle, who has caused a road accident, for the property and physical damages inflicted by him upon third parties on the territory of the member states of the International Green Card Agreement. It represents and serves as a proof of the existence of a valid MTPL insurance, although the MTPL is recognized in the member states of the EU, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Iceland and Norway without the Green Card certificate.

    The coverage of the Green Card insurance includes the territories of countries that take part in the Green card system, which are not member states of the EU but are members of the International Agreement Green Card. The countries where a Green Card certificate is mandatorily required include: Albania, Andorra, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ukraine, Croatia, Israel, Iran, Morocco, Moldova, Macedonia, Tunis, Turkey, Belarus, Serbia and Montenegro.

    The Green Card insurance is normally offered together with the MTPL insurance and most insurance companies offer two different rates for the MTPL insurance: namely with or without a Green Card insurance.



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Гражданска Отговорност Калкулатор