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  • Property Insurance

    Property damage

    Property damage insurance provides insurance cover for buildings, plant, machinery, production output, goods, stock and other property against losses or damages, generally resulting from:

    • Fire, including the consequences from extinguishing the fire, explosion, lightning, etc.
    • Natural disasters, such as storm, hurricane, hail and flood;
    • Flooding resulting from damage to pipes and drains;
    • Vandalism and malevolent acts of third parties, etc.

    Options for additional risk coverage in combination with the above include:

    • Earthquake
    • Burglary, etc.

    Electronic Appliances Insurance

    This type of insurance provides coverage against theft or damage of electronic appliances installed at the place of the insured property, for example caused by burglary, fire, power outage, etc. 


    This type of insurance is usually offered as additional to Fire and Other Perils insurance. Object of insurance are: cash, art works, antiques, books, fur products, and all kinds of objects of artistic or historical value. It provides coverage against theft of the above objects as a result of burglary or armed robbery, as well as the costs inflicted upon the insured and necessary for the reinstatement of the damages caused to the insured property.

    Construction and Erection Risks

    Any industrial, public or private building, from project inception through completion, could be insured under the Construction and Erection Risk insurance (CAR/CER). Object of insurance are building sites and construction works, plant and machinery, materials. This insurance provides protection against losses or damages to the insured property caused by unforeseen events, damage caused to the life, health or property of third persons, etc. Covered perils include, but are not limited to, fire, storm, flood, collapse, etc. Usually, additional coverage is provided together with this insurance, such as protection against damages caused by earthquakes, damages to off-site storage, etc. 



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Гражданска Отговорност Калкулатор