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Гражданска Отговорност Калкулатор
  • Transport Insurance

    Marine Vessels Insurance (Casco)

    Object of the insurance are marine vessels and equipment (hull, machinery, other items necessary for normal navigation). The insurance covers partial or total losses or damages to a vessel resulting from unforeseen events, such as collision, etc.

    Third Party Liability Insurance (Marine)

    This insurance covers losses or damages inflicted upon a third person as a result of the possession and usage of marine vessels.


    Cargo Insurance

    This insurance provides protection for freight during its transportation in Bulgaria and abroad. The international insurance clauses are in compliance with the General Conditions for Insurance of Cargo in Transit and also in compliance with the Institute Cargo Clauses valid for the international market. The insurance also covers transportation of cargo on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and is in compliance with The General Conditions for Insurance of Cargo in Transit for the Territory of Republic of Bulgaria.  An additional coverage is usually offered to cover against risks such as war, strikes, riots, etc. The cargo insurance tariffs are based on the nature of the freight, its packaging, the means of transportation, coverage required, as well as the final destination.

    Carrier’s Liability (CMR)

    Carrier’s liability insurance, or Freight insurance during transportation, covers the carrier’s liability for loss or damage claims that arise during the transportation of the goods carried. The liability of the Insurer usually starts from the moment of its loading onto the vehicle, continues during transportation, including delays, loading and unloading of the freight, and ends at the moment of its unloading from the vehicle at the final destination set in the insurance policy. Coverage can also be extended to the carrier’s liability for damage to containers or container equipment, resulting from a road accident, fire or natural disasters. The period of the insurance can be fixed for one, three, six months, a year or on a trip basis.



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Гражданска Отговорност Калкулатор