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GAP insurance

What is this type of insurance?

Protected Car Value (GAP) is insurance that you can take out in addition to Casco insurance for your car. The purpose of GAP is to protect the investment you made in the purchase of the vehicle. In the event of total damage to your car, you may have the same amount of money that you invested in its purchase.

What does the insurance cover?

The insurance covers the difference between the indemnity under Casco insurance in case of complete loss and deregistration of the vehicle and the net invoice value when purchasing the insured car in new condition. The GAP insurance indemnity covers the difference between the indemnity you will receive under Casco insurance in the event of total damage to the vehicle and the value of the car indicated in the invoice at the time of purchase. GAP insurance covers cases of total damage as a result of:

  • Car theft;

  • Traffic accident;

  • Fire;

  • Natural disaster.