Electronic equipment

What is this type of insurance?

All types of electronic equipment, computers and systems for production or commercial purposes can be insured under the Electronic Equipment insurance, namely electronic computing equipment, telecommunication and transmission equipment, medical equipment, control and measuring systems, and other electronic equipment and information carriers. The insurance takes into account the specific features of the electronic equipment and provides more complete coverage than the standard coverage under property insurance.

The scope of coverage includes:

  • stationary equipment at the place of insurance;
  • mobile and portable equipment outside the place of insurance, with agreed territorial borders - the Republic of Bulgaria, Europe, another continent or the whole world.

What does the insurance cover?

Material damage

All risks of electronic machinery and equipment, as the insurance coverage includes the usual risks of fire (including the consequences of extinguishing it), natural disasters, short circuit and electric shock, robbery, vandalism, electric or animal impact, plumbing accident, landslide and collapse, etc.

It is possible to negotiate additional conditions and clauses depending on the specifics of the property.

Additional risk coverage may be:

  • strikes, riots and civil unrest;
  • overtime, night work, public holidays and express deliveries (excluding air);
  • additional costs for air deliveries;
  • portable electronic equipment / equipment outdoors;
  • earthquake;
  • theft by technical means;
  • external data carriers, including the information stored on them;
  • the additional costs for the use of alternative (replacement) equipment in case of damages covered by the Material Damages Section, as a result of which the insured electronic machinery / equipment cannot perform its functions as intended;
  • interruption of the activity - direct financial losses from the Insured are covered, expressed in the loss of gross profit, as a result of reduction of the trade turnover and increase of the expenses for the activity, as a result of the damage of the insured electronic equipment of Material damages;
  • The insurance is concluded on the basis of a detailed questionnaire filled in by the insurance applicant.