Industrial property insurance

What is this type of insurance?

The insurance provides protection of the interests of the owners of business - production or non-production, and can be insured real estate, movable property, inventories and foreign property owned by third parties, which the insured controls or uses legally.

What does the insurance cover?

The following risks are covered:

  • fire and the consequences of its extinguishing, lightning, explosion and implosion, impact from aircraft or from falling parts and objects;
  • natural disasters (storm, hurricane, damage from falling branches and trees; torrential rain, flood from natural disaster; damage from gravity due to natural accumulation of snow or ice, avalanche;
  • action of groundwater or sea waves;
  • landslides and landslides;
  • hail;
  • freezing of inventories;
  • impact from a road vehicle or animal, accident of lifting machines; damage to property during its transportation from one address to another by own or rented transport;
  • accident of water supply, sewerage, heating and air-conditioning installations water leakage from sprinkler installations;
  • short circuit and electric shock;
  • earthquake;
  • burglary;
  • robbery using a technical device;
  • vandalism, incl. malicious fire and malicious explosion;
  • breaking glass, shop windows, billboards and signs;
  • loss of rental income;
  • costs for clearing debris and debris; for relocation and storage of insured movable property; for fees of experts, engineers and architects.

It is possible to negotiate additional conditions and clauses depending on the specifics of the property - subject of insurance and your business.

The sum insured is determined by the insured, and the basis for determining its amount may be the balance, reporting, actual value indicated by the Insured. For some types of property or covered risks, the sum insured can be defined as an agreed limit of liability - the form of insurance in this case is against the first risk.

The values ​​at which the assets are insured (sum insured) are determined by agreement between the parties and can be balance sheet, reporting, actual or otherwise or as a limit of liability for certain coverage or groups of assets).

The insurance is concluded on the basis of a completed questionnaire by the applicant for insurance.