International health insurance

International health insurance offers financial security for health services and / or goods used by the insured person, in order to diagnose and treat diseases and traumatic injuries that have occurred during the term of the insurance contract. The various international health insurance plans can provide health coverage to you and your family everywhere, no matter where you travel or live, thanks to the established and constantly expanding network of health professionals.

Who is the insurance for?

The insurance is intended for individuals aged 0 to 64 and can be individual, family or group.

What coverage does the insurance offer?

The insurance covers many medical services related to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and traumatic injuries. In addition to the choice between a European or global health plan, the insurance offers the following levels of coverage:

  • silver plan - a basic health plan that includes hospital stay and treatment coverage, cancer treatment, and an annual coverage limit of $ 1,000,000;
  • gold plan - a comprehensive health plan, including coverage of hospital stays and treatment of pregnant women, as well as childbirth, cancer treatment and an annual coverage limit of $ 2,000,000;
  • platinum plan - the highest level of coverage with an annual limit of $ 3,000,000, which upgrades the coverage of the "Golden Plan", including additional treatment of mental illness.

Health plans can be customized and upgraded by purchasing additional modules:

  • international outpatient treatment - covers the treatment of diseases in outpatient settings, reimburses the cost of prescribed medications and dressings;
  • international medical transport - is performed when in case of emergency the necessary treatment cannot be performed at the place where the insured person is. Repatriation coverage is also included;
  • international health well-being - offers proactive monitoring of your health condition through screening examinations and tests in connection with common and socially significant diseases;
  • international ophthalmological and dental treatment - covers routine ophthalmological examinations, as well as a wide range of prophylactic and therapeutic dental services.

Why choose international health insurance?

This type of insurance guarantees you insurance protection, the right to choose and access to the latest medical technologies, methods of treatment, diagnosis, rehabilitation and dental care in Bulgaria and around the world.