Mountain insurance

Mountain insurance financially covers medical expenses incurred by the insured, which have arisen in connection with an accident and / or illness. It can be used for sports or tourist activities in the mountains, as well as for hobbies.

Who is the insurance for?

The insurance is intended for individuals who practice mountain (including extreme) sports and tourism. The insurance coverage is valid on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria in the mountainous areas, where there is a service from the Mountain Rescue Service (MRS).

What coverage does the insurance offer?

The insurance covers risks related to the life, working capacity and physical integrity of individuals for the risks and conditions described below for the time during which they practice hobbies, sports or tourism in the mountains. Depending on the package selected by the user, the following risks can be covered:

  • death and permanent incapacity for work as a result of an accident;
  • rescue costs, medical expenses, evacuation expenses, repatriation expenses.

Why take out mountain insurance for Bulgaria?

The insurance provides coverage in unforeseen situations that may occur during tourism or sports in the mountains. The insurer covers actual costs of search, rescue, primary health care and transport, carried out by organizations engaged in search operations and / or rescuing the insured person.