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Гражданска Отговорност Калкулатор

About us

I&G Insurance Brokers is a leading provider of insurance and reinsurance services and risk management solutions in Bulgaria, part of Unilink S.A .

Unilink S.A has been operating in the insurance market in Poland for 10 years and distributes insurance products through a network of around 14 000 agents across the whole country. The company is a market leader in Poland in the number of concluded policies - around 2 million. Premium collected annually amounts to EUR 350 million.

From its founding in 1994 to the present day, I&G Insurance Brokers has promoted the concept and practice of insurance broking and risk consulting to deliver added value, reliability and quality customer service to its clients.I&G believe in the value of trust  and transparency and the incommensurable effort of its people who are the trigger of a business success.


  • Servicing more than 300 000 insurance policies
  • Over BGN 123 million  insurance premium  turnover for 2020
  • Тhe most diversified portfolio of all insurance brokers in Bulgaria
  • BGN 7 billion managed insured assets of our clients
  • More than 230 insurance offices in the whole country
  • 500 employees
  • 40 corporate offices



  • We believe in importance of TRUST between the broker and the client    
  • We are fully COMMITTED  to our job
  • We are PASSIONATE of what we do  
  • We evaluate our PEOPLE
  • Our clients expect and we deliver QUALITY job  
  • We LISTEN and LEARN from each others
  • And yes, we are FAST  



  • Individuals 
  • Small and medium companies 
  • Large companies 
  • International companies 
  • State Institutions



  • Approach and service our clients with the same care and  quality irrespective of how big or small they are;
  • Protect its clients’ interests, not the interests  of the insurance companies;
  • Act as an insurance lawyer to the client;
  • Manage the risks associated with clients’ businesses through structured individual insurance programs;
  • Seek creative solutions and explores alternative programs for protection and risk management;
  • Develope, recommend, negotiate and implement cost-effective  insurance coverage programs;
  • Deliver administrative support to its clients;
  • Provide access  to the local and global insurance marketplace Control claims handling procedures;


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Гражданска Отговорност Калкулатор