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About us


During the past 18 years, I&G Insurance Brokers Ltd. has established itself as the leading broker on the Bulgarian insurance market delivering distinctive client value to a wide range of individuals, businesses and public institutions.

The company has seen remarkable development throughout the past few years and has remained the leading broker in the country with premium income of more than BGN 50 million and servicing more than 250 000 insurance policies annually.

I&G Insurance Brokers offers its clients accessible services through its extensive and constantly expanding branch network of more than 140 retail offices in Bulgaria.

The company is a member and an exclusive representative for Bulgaria of the international broker association UNIBA Partners, a founding member of the Bulgarian Association of Insurance Brokers, member of the German-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, member of Confindustria Bulgaria and of the Consortium of European Insurance Brokers.

The membership in these organizations has gained I&G Insurance Brokers access to valuable international risk management practices, international standards and effective working methods, servicing of global insurance programs, and partnerships with local brokers to provide services to customers worldwide.

I&G Insurance Brokers is certified under quality management system ISO 9001:2008.

Here you can download a company brochure.  


Company Overview

I&G Insurance Brokers Ltd. is a leading provider of insurance and reinsurance services and risk management solutions in Bulgaria.  From its founding in 1994 to the present day, the company has promoted the concept and practice of insurance broking and risk consulting to deliver added value, reliability and quality customer service to its clients. As a member of Asigest Holding S.p.a., the company has acquired global insurance know-how and has seen remarkable growth over the last years to become an undisputed market leader among insurance brokers in Bulgaria, annually placing over BGN 50 million insurance premiums and servicing more than 150 000 insurance policies. I&G Insurance Brokers:

  • offers the full spectrum of products available on the insurance market in the area of general insurance, life and health insurance
  • extensive knowledge of the local market and international insurance practices
  • experience and professionalism which guarantee for quality of its services
  • delivers professional advice and assistance with claims management
  • has a diverse portfolio of individual and corporate clients, which whom the company has built long lasting partnerships
  • offers a business model focused on the specific needs of the client – central to our success

What we offer:

  • extensive research of the options offered on the current insurance market
  • professional advice about the type of coverage and choice of insurance company  
  • administration of the insurance policy contract
  • claims administration assistance during the coverage period of the policy

The role of the insurance broker:

The insurance broker is a legal entity that represents clients in dealings with insurance companies and all activities related to insurance.

  • Always protects its clients’ interests, not the interests of the insurance companies.
  • Manages the risks associated with clients’ businesses through structured individual insurance programs.
  • Seeks creative solutions and explores alternative programs for protection and risk prevention.
  • Develops, recommends, negotiates and implements cost-effective insurance coverage programs.
  • Delivers administrative support to its clients.
  • Provides access to the global insurance marketplace.
  • Acts as an insurance lawyer to the client.
  • Controls claims handling procedures.
  • Keeps full confidentiality with respect to the information provided by, or exchanged with, the clients in the course of the partnership.


International Affiliation

I&G Insurance Brokers is an insurance and reinsurance broker, part of Asigest Holding, which unites seven professional insurance brokers in Italy, Bulgaria, Germany, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, and Morocco.

As part of an international holding, the company has gained access to valuable know-how in the area of insurance, reinsurance and risk management.

Here you can download a presentation of Asigest Holding.



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Гражданска Отговорност Калкулатор