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Insurance is a sure way to provide the necessary peace of mind. The more economic activity we undertake, the more risks are sent to us. As property increases, so does the risk of being destroyed or killed. If funds are not intended, which can be in a household or in a commercial company - a company to overcome the consequences of the risk match, so that it can lose its years of development or avoid non-compliance. The correct decision is excluded from insurance. Some have a restrained nature, and others are at your request, but again with a great contribution to full or daily and protection from unforeseen situations.

What types of insurance you can take out with our assistance?

I&G Insurance Brokers Ltd. is an international insurance and reinsurance broker, part of the Unilink S.A. group, Poland. We offer a wide range of insurance products in general insurance, life insurance and voluntary health insurance. 

  • Car insurance - Motor Third Party Liability , Casco, Road Assistance, GAP;
  • Property insurance - industrial sites, all risks and interruption of activity, electronic equipment, accident of machines, construction and installation risks, household property;
  • Health & Life Insurance -  Additional health insurance , International health insurance, Treatment without borders, Term life insurance, Group life insurance, Whole life insurance.
  • Travel Insurance - Travel insurance abroad, Trip Cancellation, Medical insurance of foreigners in Bulgaria;
  • Transport insurance - Goods-in Transit (CARGO) Insurance, Road Carrier’s Liability Insurance (CMR), Freight forwarder’s liability insurance, Marine insurance, Aviation insurance;
  • Liability Insurance - General Civil Liability, Professional Liability;
  • Financial risks and Bonds - Trade risk, Guarantees (Bonds);
  • Agricultural insurance -  Crop Insurance, Animals, Poultry and Beehives Insurance;





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General insurance, Life insurance and Voluntary health insurance

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