Health insurance

What is this type of insurance?

The supplementary health insurance offers financial provision of health services and / or goods used by the insured person for the purpose of diagnosis and treatment of diseases and traumatic injuries that have occurred during the term of the insurance contract. The specific types of services and / or goods included in the health packages and the options for them are described in detail in the insurance contract (policy).

Who is the insurance for?

The insurance is intended for both corporate clients and individuals. Bulgarian and foreign citizens residing legally in the Republic of Bulgaria are insured. Persons who do not have health insurance with the National Health Insurance Fund can also be insured. The coverage is valid only for the territory of Bulgaria and does not cover the costs of treatment abroad.

What does the insurance cover?

You can choose a configuration from the following insurance packages:

  • prophylaxis - organization of prophylactic examinations and tests once within an insurance year according to a previously organized schedule in a medical institution from the list of the insurer, selected by the client;
  • outpatient care - examinations by specialists - primary and secondary examinations, consultations, clinical-laboratory and instrumental examinations, diagnostic imaging, functional examinations, endoscopic examinations, manipulations to control the specific health problem, outpatient surgical manipulations and physiotherapy;
  • hospital care - hospitalization of a patient, examination, tests - laboratory and instrumental, imaging, appointment of treatment, consultation with specialists, manipulations, tests, operations, consumables, team selection, operations with small, medium, large and very large volume of complexity and highly specialized surgery, consultations with habilitated persons in hospital treatment, physiotherapy and rehabilitation in hospital treatment and implant placement in surgical operations;
  • services related to household and other additional conditions - expenses for medical transport, additional nursing care and independent nursing post;
  • reimbursement - medicines, aids, prescription glasses / lenses for vision correction;
  • dental treatment - costs for clinical oral hygiene, therapeutic, surgical and orthopedic treatment, imaging.