Motor Third Party Liability (MTPL)

If you are the owner or user of a motor vehicle registered on the territory of Bulgaria, motor third party liability insurance is mandatory for you.

What does the insurance cover?

The insurance covers the liability of the insured natural and legal persons for the property and non-property damages caused by them to third parties, related to the possession and / or use of a motor vehicle. Covered risks under compulsory third party liability insurance are:

  • property and non-property damages caused to third parties as a result of bodily injury or death;
  • damages caused to someone else's property;
  • lost benefits that are a direct and immediate result of the harm;
  • costs incurred in connection with the filing of a claim, including court costs awarded against the insured.

What is the limit of insurance liability?

The coverage and the limits of liability are regulated in Ordinance 49 and the Insurance Code and are the same for all insurance companies:

  • in case of events that have occurred on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • for non-pecuniary and pecuniary damages as a result of bodily injury or death - BGN 10,420,000 for each event, regardless of the number of injured persons;
  • for damages to property (property) - BGN 2,100,000 for each event, regardless of the number of injured persons.

For the territory of the other Member States of the European Union or for the countries belonging to the European Economic Area, the sums insured are in accordance with local legislation.

What is the territorial coverage of the insurance?

The insurance covers the liability of the insured persons for damages caused on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as on all other countries whose national insurers' bureau is a member of the Green Card system, as well as on the territory of a third country when the damages were caused. to persons from a Member State, in the case of travel between the territories of two Member States and provided that there is no national insurance bureau responsible for that territory throughout the term of the contract.

The Green Card certificate is recognized by the authorities of all member countries of the Green Card system. It is the document that certifies that the holder has a valid Third Party Liability insurance, which covers the mandatory limits of liability to third parties required by law in the visited country.

When does the coverage start and end?

Coverage begins on the day and time specified for the beginning in your policy. The insurance coverage ends on the day and time indicated for the end of the policy. In case of non-payment or partial payment of a deferred installment until the due date recorded in the policy, the coverage under the policy shall be terminated at 24:00 on the 15th day from the due date or on another term explicitly recorded in the policy.

When and how can I terminate the contract?

You may terminate the insurance contract, after its entry into force, in the event of any of the following circumstances:

  • change in the ownership of the motor vehicle specified in the policy;
  • scrapping of the motor vehicle;
  • the motor vehicle was illegally seized;
  • the motor vehicle is stopped.