Aviation insurance

What is this type of insurance?

The insurances related to the possession and use of aircraft are:

  • civil liability insurance related to the possession and use of aircraft, which covers the losses and / or expenses that the insured must pay in connection with property and / or non-property damages caused to third parties in connection with the possession and / or use of aircraft ;
  • casco insurance of aircraft whose subject is complete loss (actual or constructive) or partial damage to aircraft during: take-off, flight, landing and taxiing. Costs arising from coercive measures to ensure immediate security of the aircraft, such as forced landing, etc. are covered. The insurer is also liable for the risk of "disappearing without a trace", which is present in the event that the aircraft is not found within 60 days after the start of the flight.

The object of the insurance are all aircraft - airplanes, helicopters, hang gliders and other aircraft, entered in the register of other civil aircraft of the Republic of Bulgaria in DG Civil Aviation Administration according to Art. Art. 5 of the Civil Aviation Act, owned by legal or natural persons or employees.

Insurance of aircraft used for training flights, acrobatics, hunting, patrol, firefighting, spraying, fertilizing or releasing objects from the air, experimental or racing flying and any other special use are insured, under special conditions and inflated tariffs .
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