Insurance of land vehicles without rail vehicles is also known as Auto Casco.

What is this type of insurance?

Voluntary insurance for owners and users of motor vehicles (SMEs) with Bulgarian registration numbers: cars and trucks, luggage and camping trailers, trucks and semi-trailers, buses, agricultural and forestry machinery, construction and road construction machinery, special cars, motorcycles.

What does the insurance cover?

The insurance covers full loss or partial damage that the insured would suffer with the insured vehicle in realizing the following risks:

  • road accident from collision or impact of vehicles on between them or with other movable and immovable objects (including in the parked state of the vehicle), from impact with people and animals, from obstacles on the roadway such as earth and rock masses, falling trees and branches (not as a result of natural disasters), falling objects from buildings and flying bodies;
  • fire and / or explosion of the vehicle during operation or stay as a result of an accidental event;
  • natural disasters - storm, hurricane, hail, thunder and lightning, torrential rain, flood, impact of vehicles carried away by storm or hurricane, falling trees and branches due to natural disasters, action of sea waves, landslides or landslides, accumulation or sliding of snow or ice;
  • accident of industrial and domestic water supply, sewerage, gas, steam and electrical installations;
  • opening a door or lid while driving;
  • malicious actions of third parties - breaking, drilling, scraping, scratching, flooding with paints or chemicals;
  • theft of the entire vehicle;
  • robbery of the entire vehicle;
  • damage caused by theft or attempted burglary;
  • theft by burglary of stationary equipment;
  • damage in the open and returned to the owner illegally seized vehicle;
  • deliberate arson or explosion caused by third parties.

These covered risks are usually grouped by the insurer in various clauses that are offered to the insured. Thus, different levels of coverage are obtained depending on the needs and requirements of the insured. It is possible for the insurer to offer coverage only for a separate risk, such as the "Theft" risk.

The territorial scope of insurance is usually the Republic of Bulgaria and the European Union, but it can be extended to other countries.

Why take out insurance?

One of the main benefits of motor hull insurance is saving money in the event of various insurance events. This type of insurance allows and gives the opportunity for a significantly small amount, compared to the price of the vehicle, to transfer the risk to someone else - your insurer. You ensure your peace of mind because you know that there is someone to rely on in case of accidents, theft, robbery, hail and other unforeseen and unwanted events.