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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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What is MTPL policy?

The insurance covers the liability of the insured natural and legal persons for the property and non-property damages caused by them to third parties, related to the possession and / or use of a motor vehicle.

The coverage and the liability limits under your insurance policy are stipulated in Ordinance 49 and in the Insurance Code.

What is being insured in the liability of natural persons and legal entities for property and non-property damage, inflicted by them to third parties, up to the following liability limits:

  • For property and non-property damage, resulting from bodily injury or death - BGN 10 420 000 for each event, regardless of the number of injured persons;
  • For damage to property - up to BGN 2 100 000 for each event, regardless of the number of injured persons.


What is the territorial coverage of MTPL?

The insurance covers the liability of the insured persons for damages caused on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as on all other countries whose national insurers' bureau is a member of the Green Card system, as well as on the territory of a third country when the damages were caused. to persons from a Member State, in the case of travel between the territories of two Member States and provided that there is no national insurance bureau responsible for that territory throughout the term of the contract. The Green Card certificate is recognized by the authorities of all member countries of the Green Card system. It is the document that certifies that the holder has a valid Third Party Liability insurance, which covers the mandatory limits of liability to third parties required by law in the visited country.

What is a Green Card certificate?

The certificate is recognized by the authorities of all member countries of the Green Card system. It is the document that certifies that the holder has a valid Motor Third Part Liability insurance, which covers the mandatory limits of liability to third parties required by law in the visited country. It is mandatory when traveling to a country that is outside the EEA system.

When is a Green Card needed?

A Green Card certificate is not required for travel to EEA Member States, Andorra, Switzerland and Serbia. It is mandatory when traveling to third countries of the system, namely:

  • Azerbaijan;
  • Albania Belarus;
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Israel;
  • Iran;
  • Morocco;
  • Moldova;
  • Russia;
  • North Macedonia;
  • Tunisia;
  • Turkey;
  • Ukraine;
  • Montenegro.
How much is the fine if you do not have compulsory insurance MTPL?

The amount of the fines, if the compulsory MTPL has not been concluded, are regulated in Art. 638 of the Insurance Code:

  • individual - BGN 250;
  • a individual who drives a motor vehicle but is not the owner - BGN 400;
  • legal entity - property sanction of BGN 2,000.


How to get insurance benefits from MTPL?

If an accident has occurred, only with material damage, a bilateral statement of findings shall be filled in. In case of disagreement between the parties - who is to blame for the accident, a team of traffic police visits the scene. They draw up a standard accident report, determining who is to blame for the accident.

In order to file a claim under the MTPL to the insurer of the driver responsible for the accident, you should prepare the following documents:

  • accident report or bilateral statement of findings;
  • certificate of your bank account;
  • documents for paid expenses;
  • car documents;
  • your personal documents.

In addition to the above documents, in order to receive payment of indemnity under MTPL, you must provide the insurer with access to the damaged vehicle. The insurance company must make the necessary inspection, record and describe the damage. This inspection shall be carried out in the liquidation centers designated for that purpose.

Within 45 days from the date of filing a claim for compensation under the MTPL, the insurer has the right to request from you additional documents - evidence. Within 15 working days from the presentation of all evidence with the insurer must determine and pay the amount of compensation by bank transfer or send a letter of refusal in which the reasons are substantiated. It is important to know that the term for final ruling on a claim under MTPL cannot be longer than three months from the date of filing.

Are we fined if you do not have a sticker affixed (the sign issued by the Guarantee Fund under Article 487, paragraph 1)?

When concluding a MTPL, the insurer or the insurance intermediary must provide you with:

  • insurance policy;
  • sticker and control coupon;
  • Green Card certificate.

The driver is obliged to stick a valid sticker, in the lower left corner, on the windshield. If this is not possible, due to the lack of such, in the case of motorcycles / mopeds, the sticker shall be affixed to the insurance policy. Failure to comply with these conditions shall be punishable by a fine of BGN 50. The same is the fine that must be paid if a valid control voucher is not provided.

Is the MTPL valid in case of non-payment of another installment in time?
The legislator has provided for a 15-day grace period, after the due date, in which an overdue installment can be paid and the policy remains in force. Upon expiration of this period, the insurance is automatically terminated.
Is there a grace period after the expiration of the MTPL?

There is no grace period after the expiration of the insurance. The insurance coverage ends on the day and time indicated for the end of the policy. In case of non-payment or partial payment of a deferred installment until the due date recorded in the policy, the coverage under the policy shall be terminated at 24:00 on the 15th day from the due date or on another term explicitly recorded in the policy.

How and when can I terminate MTPL?

You may terminate the insurance contract, after its entry into force, in the event of any of the following circumstances:

  • change in the ownership of the motor vehicle specified in the policy;
  • scrapping of the motor vehicle;
  • the motor vehicle has been unlawfully seized;
  • the motor vehicle is stopped.

The Insured is obliged to provide the Insurer with the relevant documents certifying the existence of the grounds for termination, such as a document for scrapping the car, for stopping traffic and / or taking a report from the Traffic Police, etc.

The insurance broker cannot terminate your policy, but can assist in preparing the necessary documents and information for the termination procedure.

What to do after finding an insurance event?

We advise you to follow the following four simple rules.

1.Do not change the condition of the damaged vehicle or property;

2.Take all necessary and appropriate measures to limit the damage;

3.Notify the relevant authorities immediately.

4.Contact your insurer and / or I&G Brokers (if you are our client) in a timely manner to receive accurate instructions for the specific situation.

How can I check if I already have active Motor Third Party Liability insurance so that I can drive safely?

The easiest and safest way is through the online check system for included Motor Third Party Liability (MTPL):

How does the MTPL calculator work?

With the help of modern online calculation and accessible to all users liability calculators, you can now quickly and easily find out what the final payment amount will be. In general, we can divide the factors for determining the due premium for MTPL into two categories. The first category are those related to the parameters of the motor vehicle. The second are factors concerning its owner.

To compare the prices of eleven insurance companies, you must enter the following parameters:

  • Type of vehicle;
  • Engine capacity;
  • Power;
  • Engine fuel type;
  • Number of places;
  • Registration number;
  • Municipality;
  • Populated place;
  • Vehicle owner - a natural or legal person;
  • Age of the owner;
  • Driving experience;
  • Presence of accidents in the last 3 years;
  • When was the first registration - year of manufacture;
  • What is the purpose of the car - personal use, commercial activity, educational purposes, rental, etc.
Which insurers do you work with?
  • Armeec;
  • Bulgarian Export Insurance Agency;
  • Groupama Bulgaria;
  • Generali Bulgaria;
  • DZI- General insurance;
  • DZI- Life insurance;
  • Bulgaria Insurance;
  • Euroins;
  • DallBogg : Life and Health 
  • Fihealth;
  • Saglasie;
  • Allianz Bulgaria;
  • Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group;
  • OZK - Insurance;
  • Bulins;
  • Lev ins;
  • UNIQA Bulgaria;
  • Colonnade Insurance;
  • MetLife.
What assistance does I&G provide in the event of an insured event?

In order to guarantee the quality management of the liquidation process, a specialized department is at your disposal - "Liquidation of damages" from which you will receive specific and clear instructions, as well as information for further actions in case of an insurance event. You can expect from us a comprehensive service for settling claims, which includes:

  • full control of the damage elimination process;
  • 24-hour telephone line - service 24/7;
  • Effective assistance on site and / or electronically;
  • Arranging inspections, collecting the evidence required by the insurer;
  • Administrative processing of claims;
  • Initiation and participation in negotiations with insurers in case of problematic damages.

Insurance companies

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