No matter what a person does, it must bring him pleasure in order to perform his duties really fruitfully. If you're still wandering through job postings and can't find the right employer for you, I&G Brokers is the right one for you.

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What development opportunities does I&G Brokers offer?

I&G Brokers is an insurance broker who values ​​the professionalism and quality of the tasks. We have always believed and supported the idea that when people work in a team and are motivated to do their job properly, they always succeed. If you want to work with us - the broker with a high leading position in the insurance market in Bulgaria, we will welcome you with pleasure and will help you develop quickly. Of course, as an employer, we also have our requirements, including:

  • Good communication and presentation skills;
  • Motivation and organization during work;
  • Ability to attract new customers;
  • Desire for career development in the field;
  • Ability to quickly analyze and understand new information;
  • Precision and responsibility in work requiring attention to detail;
  • Open communication and commitment to the implementation of the undertaken tasks.

What are our advantages

I&G Brokers, as already mentioned, occupies an undisputed leadership position among insurance brokers, which will help you very quickly gain the necessary experience and be satisfied with both the employer and the work process. Another advantage is that the vacancies are in different cities in Bulgaria. If you are a person who likes to meet other people and communicate with them, then you are in the right place. Choose us as your employer so that you can quickly upgrade your skills while gaining new knowledge.

Why apply to us

If any of the above open positions is of interest to you, as well as if you meet the specified conditions, please click the "Apply" button and attach a resume, CV and / or resume. Find new customers, work and reap more and more success. Be sure that I&G Brokers is a fair employer who values ​​trust, quality and efficiency. If these qualities are important to you, we will be happy to be part of our team.