I love my home

What is this type of insurance?

"I love my home" is property insurance for housing and home property, intended for owners, tenants or users of homes (apartments, houses and villas). The insurance contract is concluded under the general conditions of property insurance - Home Comfort of DZI-General Insurance EAD.

To conclude the insurance contract you only need to choose the right package for you and your property from the five offered in the comparison table. An inspection of the property and an inventory of the insured movable property is not required to cover the risks of "burglary", "theft by technical means" and "robbery".

What does the insurance cover?

Complete or partial damage to your home - apartment, house or villa, as well as household property that serves for daily and normal use in the home.

The insurance covers the consequences of:

  • natural disasters, floods and fires;
  • theft, burglary, robbery, vandalism;
  • short circuit and / or electric shock;
  • earthquake;
  • landslides that damaged the home;
  • temporary accommodation costs;
  • civil liability to third parties;
  • others.

Why take out this type of insurance?

When you were away from home and left it unattended, you no doubt had anxious thoughts and doubts. We have all had a sense of misery related to our home. Such as whether you forgot an appliance turned on, whether you locked the front door, whether you closed the windows. One of the main reasons to insure your home is the security that this type of insurance gives you. If you have a longer trip ahead of you - a vacation or a business trip, you will be at ease, because your home is safe.