Trip Cancellation

Travel cancellation insurance reimburses the cost of reservations and airline tickets or prepaid travel in the event of cancellation or cancellation of the trip abroad. The insurance covers the amount that is not reimbursed by the travel organizer after the occurrence of an event that does not allow the departure of the insured person or forces to interrupt an already undertaken trip.

Who is the insurance for?

Group or individual insurance of Bulgarian and foreign individuals who are about to have a tourist or business trip. The insurance is valid on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

What coverage does the insurance offer?

  • cancellation of a trip - The risk of inability of the insured to make a prepaid organized trip is covered due to reasons beyond his control and unforeseen at the time of concluding the insurance. Includes cancellation of a plane ticket, if such is included in the price of the trip;
  • cancellation of a plane ticket - covers the risk of inability of the insured to use a prepaid plane ticket due to reasons beyond his control and unforeseen at the time of concluding the insurance;
  • reimbursement of additional costs in connection with late arrival at the home airport;
  • reimbursement of expenses in case of missed flight departing from the homeland due to vehicle delay;
  • reimbursement of costs for paid but unconsumed services during the trip;
  • extension of travel in case of extension of the insured person's stay by more than 24 hours after the end date of the trip, the insurer covers the actually incurred extraordinary travel expenses up to the limit for the respective type of expense specified in the insurance contract.

Why take out travel cancellation insurance?

The insurance provides coverage in unforeseen situations that may hinder your trip. This insurance product will save you money on a paid vacation or business trip if it fails for reasons beyond your control. These include illness of the insured and his relatives, cancellation or delay of flights and other valid reasons why the insured cannot travel.