All Risks Property Insurance

What is this type of insurance?

All risks and business interruption insurance is a property insurance that provides maximum protection for large production and non-production sites against any sudden and unforeseen events.
The insurance is intended for the owners of large production and non-production enterprises, corporations, shopping centers, complexes, public institutions and others.

Subject of insurance buildings and facilities, movable property, machinery and equipment, goods and inventories, foreign property under the control of the insured.

What does the insurance cover?

The insurance coverage is grouped in two sections:

Material Damages Section - provides coverage for material damages to movable and / or immovable property caused by a sudden, accidental and unpredictable insurance event. In addition to those expressly excluded in the insurance policy and its general conditions, "all risks" are covered, including but not limited to:

  • fire and the consequences of its extinguishing, lightning, explosion and implosion, impact from aircraft or from falling parts and objects;
  • natural disasters (storm, hurricane, damage from falling branches and trees;
  • torrential rain, flood from natural disaster;
  • weight damage due to natural accumulation of snow or ice, avalanche; action of groundwater or sea waves;
  • landslides and landslides;
  • hail;
  • freezing of inventories;
  • impact from a road vehicle or animal, accident of lifting machines;
  • damage to property during its transportation from one address to another by own or rented transport;
  • accident of water supply, sewerage, heating and air-conditioning installations, water leakage from sprinkler installations, short circuit and electric shock;
  • earthquake;
  • burglary;
  • theft using technical means;
  • vandalism, incl. malicious fire and malicious explosion;
  • breaking glass, shop windows, billboards and inscriptions.

Section Interruption of the activity - covers the financial loss as a result of interruption of the activity as a result of an event under the section Material damages, expressed in a decrease in the turnover and increased costs for the activity.

Coatings such as:

  • Loss or damage due to strike, riot and civil unrest;
  • Loss or damage as a result of an act of terrorism;
  • Machine crash;
  • Electronic equipment and portable electronic equipment and equipment outside the insured premises.

The insurance is concluded on the basis of a detailed questionnaire filled in by the insurance applicant.