Accident of persons in vehicles

What is this type of insurance?

Vehicle seat insurance is voluntary for the driver and passengers in all types of vehicles. With this type of insurance, the driver's and passengers' seats are insured for a minimum premium, and some of the seats are not insured. Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance is intended for individuals who can take out individual or group policies against events related to the life, health or physical integrity of an individual.

What coverage does the insurance offer?

This insurance covers risks of death of the insured as a result of an accident, as well as permanent loss of ability to work as a result of an accident. The payment of the benefit is in accordance with the percentage of lost working capacity determined by the TEMC / NEMC.

Additional optional coatings can be:

  • temporary incapacity for work due to an accident;
  • medical expenses due to an accident;
  • for the basic coverage, the insurance is valid for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, and if it is indicated in the policy - also for abroad;
  • for additional coverage, the insurance is valid only for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The sum insured for one seat is the limit of liability for each seat in the vehicle. It is the same for each of the registered seats in the vehicle and for each individual insurance event. The sums insured for the additional coverages are the same for each passenger and / or are a percentage of the sum insured for one seat or an absolute amount.