Animals, Poultry and Beehives Insurance

What is this type of insurance?

Under this type of insurance domestic animals are insured - cattle, buffaloes, sheep, goats and breeding pigs, equines (horses, donkeys), birds kept in intensive conditions and beehives.

Under special conditions offered by the insurance companies with which I&G Brokers has concluded insurance mediation contracts, the following may be insured:

  • dogs - pets, hunting dogs, guard dogs and guide dogs;
  • horses - sport and purebred (breeding);
  • exotic animals.

What does the insurance cover?

The insurance covers damages in case of death or slaughter, as a result of:

  • fire;
  • natural disasters - storm with speed over 15 m / sec., hail, lightning strike, flood from incoming water masses;
  • accident - attack by wild animals, impact or running over by a road vehicle or electric shock, causing injuries to the insured animals, leading to their death or slaughter as necessary;
  • infectious diseases that are specific to each species;
  • non-communicable and parasitic diseases.

Pet insurance is usually taken out for an insurance period of one year and comes into force after payment of the premium or the first installment of it. The insurance can be concluded for a shorter period. The liability of the insurer starts from 00.00 on the day following the day in which the insurance premium is paid or the first installment of it for damage from fire, natural disasters, accidents, and due to illness - after a quarantine period, which is usually 15 days.