Roadside Assistance

The insurance provides road technical assistance to the damaged motor vehicle and medical transportation of the passengers in it.

What does the insurance cover?

In exchange for payment of the due insurance premium, you receive insurance that covers the costs of using various assistance services when you can not continue your journey due to technical damage to the car, flat tire, accident or other unpleasant situation. The insurance companies that offer this insurance have a hotline of an emergency assistance center, which you can call and receive instructions and help. The insurance can be valid both on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and abroad. The base coat usually includes:

  • repatriation of the vehicle in case of an accident and / or technical failure;
  • medical transportation of the driver and passengers in the vehicle;
  • tire change;
  • fuel delivery;
  • delivery of spare parts;
  • power supply or technical assistance;
  • stay of the damaged car in the parking lot;
  • providing a replacement driver for driving a vehicle;
  • legal aid;
  • others.

Who is the insurance for?

The insurance is intended for individuals and legal entities, owners of cars and trucks, as well as for passengers traveling in the motor vehicle during the occurrence of the insured event.

Why take out insurance?

If you are an active driver or your work involves frequent travel, then you certainly need this insurance. It guarantees peace of mind for the driver and the accompanying persons, as well as minimizes unforeseen costs and valuable time. Provides quick response and security when you need help on the road. The price of the insurance is symbolic, and most insurance companies apply discounts in combination with other car insurances - civil liability and / or motor hull insurance.