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    What is this type of insurance?

    Casco "For you" is an insurance product designed for owners of cars up to 9 seats, incl. and trucks up to 2.5 tons with a total weight of over 4 years, with the sum insured from BGN 2,000 to BGN 40,000 BGN.

    The insurance is concluded under the general conditions for motor insurance "Casco +", clause "Full Casco" of "DZI-General Insurance" EAD (DZI) and insurance policy “Road Assistance” with clauses Premium and Abroad for new customers or newly insured vehicles for the Insurer. The owner or the car has been without Casco insurance with DZI for the last 30 days.

    The following are not insured under the Casco "For You" insurance product:

    • Clients of DZI who have had Casco insurance in the last three years and when concluding a new one a premium increase (malus) is applied;
    • Right-hand drive vehicles;
    • Training and taxi cars, rental cars, racing cars.

    When concluding Casco "For You" insurance, an increase in the insurance premium is applied to:

    • Owners of cars up to 25 years old - 25%;
    • For BMW and Audi brands the insurance premium is increased by 10%.

    When renewing the Casco "For You" insurance contract, the Insurer applies a bonus / malus system. No inspection is performed if there is no change in the chosen method of liquidation of damages - trusted service or expert assessment.

    What does the insurance cover?
    • natural disasters: storm, hurricane, hail, flood, landslide or landslide;
    • accidental fall of branches, trees and other objects as a result of the above natural disasters;
    • fire due to the above natural disasters, thunder (lightning strike);
    • snow and / or ice accumulation due to heavy snowfall;
    • falling ice cubes or snow masses in case of sudden meteorological changes;
    • sea ​​waves, volcanic action;
    • events as a result of an accident of equipment outside the vehicle - water supply, sewerage, steam, gas, electricity, etc., as well as from the explosion of such equipment;
    • fire and / or explosion due to a technical malfunction, which occurred during the rest of the vehicle and the engine is not running, when the engine is switched on and running during a standstill, the time of movement of the vehicle.
    • traffic accidents;
    • collision with or impact from vehicles and / or other physical bodies, including road accidents, according to the Road Traffic Act;
    • damage to the insured vehicle in a parked condition by another vehicle;
    • malicious actions of third parties - damage to the vehicle by third parties through mechanical impact (impact with a hard object, scratching, intentional overturning of the vehicle), flooding with chemically active substances (acids, bases, etc.);
    • theft of an entire vehicle;
    • robbery of an entire vehicle.
    • deliberate arson and detonation of vehicles;
    • theft by burglary of permanently installed in the vehicle multimedia equipment, audio and video equipment, including navigation equipment, when part of it;
    • others according to the General Terms and Conditions of the Insurer.

    Тo the coverage "Full Casco" is includedd additional assistance coverage "Roadside Assistance" - "Premium" and "Abroad".


    Why to choose "Casco For you"?

    One of the main benefits that casco insurance provides is saving money in the event of unforeseen events with your car. Casco insurance allows affordable insurance and allows for a fairly small amount, compared to the price of the vehicle, to transfer the risk to someone else - your insurance comapny. Rest assured, because you know that there is someone to rely on in the event of an accident, theft, robbery, hail and other unforeseen and possible events. One of the great benefits of it is that you can get a trusted service, no matter how old your car is.

    • The inspection upon concluding the insurance contract is performed on site at the offices of I&G Brokers.
    • When concluding the insurance, an option is chosen to eliminate the damages in a trusted service or by expert assessment.
    • The applicant for insurance chooses an insurance amount within the range proposed by the Insurer for the specific vehicle.
    • In case of concluded Casco "For You" insurance of the insured motor vehicle, an Annual technical inspection can be performed at a preferential price at the SBA points throughout the country.
    • In the insurance coverage is included coverage of road assistance according the terms of “Road assistance” within the clauses Premium and Abroad.

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