10 signs that you are rich

Publish date 10 December 2013
10 signs that you are rich image

1. You didn't go to bed hungry last night

2. You woke up this morning with a roof over your head.

3. You have a choice of what clothes to wear.

4. You are not afraid for your life today.

5. You often worry about what you will do with your life, think about: your career, your family, the next step, etc. - which means that you have ambition, passion, direction and the freedom to make your own decisions.

6. You have a friend or relative who misses you and is looking forward to your next meeting.

7. You are generally a healthy person, if you get sick today, you will recover quickly and easily.

8. You have access to food and clean water.

9. You have internet access.

10. You can read.

The truth is that you do much better than many people in this world. Only from everything listed so far can someone say that you are rich, so, remember - be grateful for all the things you have.

Source: obekti.bg