Road aggression - what caused it and how to avoid it

Publish date 22 February 2019
Road aggression - what caused it and how to avoid it image

You rush to a meeting and get into a traffic jam. Does it sound familiar to you? Driving can be really stressful, but when you are angry behind the wheel, it can lead to aggressive, distracted driving or even an accident.

Aggressive driving takes many forms, such as not keeping a safe distance while driving, moving from one lane to another and speeding. One study shows that about 80% of drivers show significant anger or aggression while driving. These circumstances can lead to serious consequences: Aggressive driving is the cause of 56% of fatal accidents over a period of 5 years.

Heavy traffic, waiting for a traffic light, looking for a parking space and even waiting for a passenger can increase a driver's level of rage.

Leaving just before a meeting or appointment can make drivers impatient.

Remember that while driving, you must:

Do not press on the other guides. If someone is driving slowly, think they may be lost.

Positive gestures are important. Thank you if someone gives you their advantage on the road.

Always keep a safe distance with the car in front of you, no matter how slow it moves.

Don't use the horn unless it's really necessary: ​​there's no point in creating unnecessary stress among other drivers. Remember that the main function of the audible signal is to inform that there is a problematic situation on the road. The sanction for improper use of a horn is BGN 10.

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