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Google has become the most expensive brand in the world

Publish date 02 June 2014
Google has become the most expensive brand in the world image

The American Internet company Google became the most expensive brand in 2013, according to a ranking by the British research company Millward Brown Optimor. Within a year, its brand has risen by 40 percent and thus replaced the current leader - Apple, which retained the first place for three years in a row.

The British estimated the value of Google for the past year at 159 billion dollars (in 2012 it was 114 billion); and Apple's for $ 148 billion ($ 185 billion in 2012). The ranking includes 100 brands. Their total value is estimated at 2.9 trillion dollars.

According to Millward CEO Nick Cooper, Google has won the lead because it is committed to innovation.

"Google Glass, investment in artificial intelligence and many new contracts have been the reason for their success. The Android operating system is now used on a variety of devices. It's even in some cars, "he explained.

The top ten also includes the brands IBM, Microsoft, McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Visa, AT&T, Marlboro and Amazon.