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And in continuation of the commented pre-Christmas mood…

NEWS_PUBLISH_DATE 24 November 2015
And in continuation of the commented pre-Christmas mood… image

As you know: "To the potter, the pots, all broken"

In short,

…… Our colleague decided that several consecutive years of "Property Insurance" without an event, Enough!

So, she left with fluffy socks and her loved ones for the family villa in the mountains.

Who would have thought that the laundry in the newly paid apartment would decide to run right now.

The sound of an angry, otherwise loved by her neighbor at 11:30 pm amidst toasts with wine, quick collection of luggage and an urgent trip to Sofia.

Months of repairs, new furniture and a failed Christmas, otherwise an insurance, worth many times less than the experience!

Let's take care of the peace and comfort on the holidays, and leave the rest to Us from I&G Brokers!

Prepared by: The team of I&G Brokers