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The information contained in the small car coupon

The information contained in the small car coupon image

(A) Vehicle registration number.

(E) Vehicle identification number (VIN number), also known as "frame number" or "chassis number".

(D) Type of vehicle. For example, "car", "truck", etc.

(D.1) Make (model). For example: Volkswagen Passat.

(D.2) Type, variant, version. For example: sedan, convertible, station wagon, etc.

(D.3) Commercial description.

(K) Type approval - number. Here lies the so-called. homologation (technotype) - issued permit regime.

(R) Color of vehicle.

(J) Vehicle category. Here you will find an abbreviation that specifies the category. For example, the M1 is a standard car with no more than 8 seats (excluding the driver's seat). N1 is a car for transporting goods up to 3.5 tons.

(B) Date of first registration

(I) Date of issue of the certificate.

(H) Validity period, if not unlimited.

(G) Mass of the vehicle.

(F.1) Technically permissible maximum mass.

(F.2) Permissible maximum mass determined by the competent authorities (often F.1 and F.2 are the same numbers).

(F.3) Permissible maximum mass of a combination of vehicles (eg a car with a trailer).

(O.1) Technically permissible maximum mass of the towed trailer when braked.

(O.2) Technically permissible maximum mass of the towed trailer when without braking system.

(L) Number of axles.

(M) Wheelbase.

(N.1) First axis - kilograms.

(N.2) Second axis - kilograms.

(N.3) Third axis - kilograms.

(N.4) Fourth axis - kilograms.

(N.5) Fifth axis - kilograms.

(Q) Power / weight ratio (for motorcycles only)

(P.1) Engine capacity.

(P.2) Maximum engine power.

(P.3) Type of fuel / energy source.

(S.1) Number of seats + driver's seat.

(S.2) Number of standing seats.

(U.1) Noise level when working on site.

(U.2) Noise level relative to engine speed.

(V.1) Amount of carbon monoxide (CO) in the exhaust gases.

(V.2) Amount of hydrocarbons (HC) in the exhaust gases.

(V.3) Amount of nitric oxide (NOx) in the exhaust.

(V.4) HC + NOx

(V.6) Adjusted absorption coefficient for diesel engines.

(V.7) Amount of carbon dioxide.

(V.8) Combined fuel consumption.

(V.9) Ecological category (eg "Euro 3", "Euro 4", "Euro 5", "Euro 6", "EEV").