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Cameras will monitor whether our car has liability insurance

Cameras will monitor whether our car has liability insurance image

From the beginning of 2017 more than 300,000 cars have been officially canceled due to unconcluded Civil Liability Insurance. The number of cars without valid insurance is much higher - 580,000. So far only 4,136 drivers have paid the compulsory insurance and received registration again.

The traffic police plans to buy 15 new stationary cameras to be installed in different places on the roads in Bulgaria. In addition to them, another 28 portable cameras will be purchased. Currently, the Traffic Police has 148 mobile devices. Thanks to its new cameras, Kshte also monitors the compulsory Civil Liability Insurance of passing cars. The system will be connected to the Guarantee Fund. When capturing a car, the system will send the data of the car to the fund to check whether the car has active insurance. Otherwise, an electronic slip will be issued.