Ferrari's most powerful convertible with a V8 engine

Publish date 29 July 2015
Ferrari's most powerful convertible with a V8 engine image

Ferrari has declassified the open version of the 488 GTB supercar, which is named 488 Spider and has a power of 670 hp. The official debut of the model will take place at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

The manufacturer has officially announced that the new car is the most powerful model of the brand with a medium V8 engine and a removable hardtop. In addition, the 488 Spider is also the most efficient Ferrari in terms of aerodynamics.

The roadster has learned a built-in rear spoiler, as well as an aerodynamic bottom of the body, which has generators activated by the vortex of the air. The rear window is electrically operated and can be placed in 3 positions at the driver's choice.

The chassis of the Ferrari 488 Spider consists of 11 different aluminum alloys, which are combined with other lightweight materials. Among them is magnesium, thanks to which the efficiency of the chassis has increased by 25%, and the rigidity of the structure is not inferior to that of the 488 GTB coupe.

The roof of the roadster is removed and retracted in 14 seconds. It takes just as much to return the roof to its original position.

The supercar is powered by the same 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that the coupe is equipped with. Power of 670 hp is available at 8000 rpm and the maximum torque of 760 Nm is reached at 3000 rpm. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h takes 3 seconds, and up to 200 km / h - 8.7 seconds.

Sales of the Ferrari 488 Spider will start by the end of 2015.

Source:, Diyan Penev