They found 8 stolen cars

Publish date 19 November 2013
They found 8 stolen cars image

Criminalists from the OD of the Ministry of Interior in Sofia region conducted a specialized police operation on "crimes with motor vehicles" on November 15, during which addresses in Botevgrad and the villages of Trudovets and Vrachesh were searched. A total of eight cars were identified and seized - six of them with the Suzuki Vitara brand, one Volkswagen Passat, a Land Rover Discovery jeep, as well as a cross motorcycle with an unknown make and model. This was announced by the OD of the Ministry of Interior in Sofia region. From the inquiries made in the files of the Ministry of Interior it was established that the car "Suzuki Vitara" found in the village of Vrachesh, without registration plates, was illegally seized and declared wanted by the Ninth Regional Police Department on November 7. At the same address, inhabited by the criminally manifested PZ-Tekezara / 28 years old, three more Suzuki Vitara cars were found and seized, all with interventions under the identification number "frame". The fifth car of the same brand was seized during the search of the address of a criminally 30-year-old man in Botevgrad, and the sixth - in the property of a relative of Tekezara in the village of Vrachesh, together with a Jeep "Land Rover Discovery" parked in the backyard. interventions were also with dismantled production plate and windshield sticker. The cross motorcycle was seized from an address in the village of Trudovets, inhabited by a 30-year-old criminal and convicted man. The eighth car - "Volkswagen Passat", was seized near the cemetery in Botevgrad, and according to documents submitted by its owner, the same is a 1999 model, and apparently from the marking is 2003. PZ - Tekezara was detained with a police measure for 24 hours. Pre-trial proceedings have been instituted in the case. The work on the full documentation of the incriminated acts continues under the supervision of the Botevgrad District Prosecutor's Office.