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Mountain rescuers remind - mountain insurance SAVES lives

NEWS_PUBLISH_DATE 12 December 2016
Mountain rescuers remind - mountain insurance SAVES lives image

At the end of 2016 The balance is as follows: The Mountain Rescue Service (MRS) has provided assistance to 1977 people - there are frequent cases of tourists with damaged upper or lower limbs, but there are more serious injuries - such as craniocerebral. Outside the ski slopes are realized: 30 actions to search for lost people. 4 helicopter actions were carried out this year. Unfortunately, there are also 7 deaths.

Nearly 600 volunteers risk their lives each year to save lives.

PSS advises people to take out mountain insurance, as it can really save lives. The price of insurance for the whole YEAR is about BGN 30- BGN 40, but there are also DAILY insurance.