More expensive "Civil liability" for violators by the end of the year

Publish date 12 May 2017
More expensive

By the end of the year, the "bonus malus" system will be introduced in Bulgaria, under which the price of the policy will be determined by the behavior of the road. Data from the Traffic Police, the Guarantee Fund and the insurers will be combined, thus the number of violations of each driver will be taken into account and the profile of the risky driver will be determined. The ultimate goal of the more expensive Civil Liability is road accidents.

Statistics show that since the introduction of this system in France, accidents have decreased by 20%. In our country the insurance depends mainly on the engine cubic capacity, in which city the car is registered, as well as on the age and experience behind the driver's will. Dangerous drivers are more expensive for insurers, as any damage is a new expense. Thus, according to the number of violations, dangerous on the road will pay many times more than decent drivers.