You are looking for security when concluding Civil Liability

Publish date 07 December 2015
You are looking for security when concluding Civil Liability image

The tense year is coming to an end, holidays and celebrations are knocking at the door, and after them comes the new 2016, during which we all expect many new adversities, adventures, fun, hopefully as few problems as possible. , but we will certainly not escape responsibility. This includes "Civil Liability", which you will have to renew to ensure your safety on the road, as well as that of other owners of motor vehicles involved in traffic.

There is a high probability that you are dissatisfied with the last insurance policy you signed for Civil Liability, because very often the insufficiently competent in the field of law car owners, who take on the task of looking for an insurance company and profitable insurance offers, remain misled. In most cases, the reason is the small print clauses that are not paid attention to or the conditions included in the agreement, which are not considered with due seriousness and are not considered rationally at all. There are many ways, in the search for profitable insurance solutions, to miss the ones that are best for you, just because of delusions, carelessness or simply because you are not well acquainted with the market.

How to insure yourself?

Instead of despairing and denying the opportunity to find an insurance company, thanks to which you will get the ideal insurance for your needs and requirements, it will be easier for you to turn to professionals in the field. Consulting with insurance brokers is very useful, especially when you feel that you can not spend enough time looking for tempting insurance offers or that you are not competent enough, realizing how little you know about the intricacies of this area.

The specialists from the insurance brokerage company I&G Brokers, which has gained 20 years of solid experience behind it (in the insurance market) and manages to service over 250,000 insurance policies a year, due to its constantly growing network of offices across the country - more than 140 offices can help you.

Why brokers?

The insurance broker performs many different activities to help you find the most profitable and reasonable offer on the insurance market. Through their knowledge of the state of the companies in the industry and their offers, as well as the current information available regarding the various promotional offers, insurance brokers offer you what you would like and pre-screen it among the possible options. In addition to providing you with insurance offers, according to your needs and desires, they also liaise between their clients and insurance companies, help negotiate the most convenient terms for you and when concluding a policy control the process of liquidation of damages. In the most general sense - in addition to an advisor, the insurance broker is also a legal entity that represents you when concluding an insurance contract, of any type.

Prices of Civil Liability

As you know, the Civil Liability Insurance is mandatory for every owner of a motor vehicle on the territory of Bulgaria, because it aims to guarantee financial compensation to other road users in the event of an accident on the road, from which they are affected in some way. For this reason, the expired, invalid or missing "Civil Liability" is punishable by a fine of BGN 400 to 600 for individuals and from BGN 2,000 to 5,000 for legal entities. But excluding the size of the fines, there are no fixed prices when signing a Civil Liability policy. Its price is determined by many different factors, including the type and characteristics of the driven vehicle, the experience and status of the driver, the ways in which payment is made and most importantly - the conditions offered by various insurance companies. These are too many factors that determine the price of Civil Liability, but fortunately companies like I&G Brokers offer a convenient solution to make your search easier. With our online calculator you have the opportunity to compare all the prices of insurance offers on the market, according to the factors already listed.

Features such as an online calculator are a small part of the benefits that insurance brokerage companies have, and in case you need more security when signing a liability insurance policy or any other insurance, you can count on support and the correct attitude on the part of such agencies. They are not only an insurance intermediary, but also a defender of your interests.