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Insurers: We have enough money to cover the damage

Insurers: We have enough money to cover the damage image

"Of course there is enough money. That is why there are insurers - to accumulate reserves and in such difficult moments to repair the damage to their customers.

"The damage is not so great, the point is to serve customers quickly," he added.

"Almost all insurers made an organization after the hail - we extended the period for filing damages from 7 to 30 days so that people can come safely and file the damage and send the car to the service station to be repaired," added Yalamov and explained that insurers take into account the seriousness of the situation and that they will do everything possible for their customers.

According to Plamen Yalamov, some companies offer the opportunity to their clients to file damages by phone.

There were long queues in front of the insurance checkpoints, and some people explained that they had been waiting since midnight. However, insurers advise you to read your contract carefully before ordering to see if it covers this damage. Read more at: