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Insurance companies

Insurance brokers guarantee the timeliness of the tariff conditions offered by insurance companies.

Allianz Bulgaria image

Allianz is a global organization with more than 147,000 employees in over 70 countries worldwide. At Allianz Bulgaria, we are proud of how we successfully integrate our global affiliation with an in-depth understanding of the local market.

Allianz Bulgaria offers the following types of insurance:

  • Car insurance - Civil liability, Casco, combined insurance product "My car";
  • Property insurance - My Home Insurance, Fire and Natural Disaster Insurance, Industrial Fire, All Risks of Industrial Sites, Burglary, Transportation of Money, Financial Loss Insurance;
  • Life and Accident Insurance - My Life, Onco Care, Accident Insurance;
  • Investment insurances - Life Invest, Future Invest, Dynamic Invest, Multi Themes;
  • Health insurance - Allianz Health Gold, Allianz Health Care Abroad;
  • Crops - Crop insurance, Insurance of animals, birds and beehives;
  • Technical insurance - Accident of machines, Electronic equipment, Destruction of goods in refrigerators, All risks of the contractor (construction and installation work);
  • Travel insurance - Travel assistance, Travel insurance, Accident of tourists and guests at tourist sites.