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The results of the action of TISPOL, concerning trucks and buses

NEWS_PUBLISH_DATE 21 October 2018
The results of the action of TISPOL, concerning trucks and buses image

From 15.10.2018 Until 21.10.2018, on the territory of all EU Member States, intensified inspections were carried out on trucks and buses. "Extensive control" is the method by which the inspections were carried out, together with employees of the Criminal Police and the Executive Agency "Automotive Administration". A total of 7,179 truck drivers were strictly checked for valid compulsory Civil Liability Insurance, for the necessary vignette fee paid, for illegal immigrants and human trafficking, wanted persons, transportation and possession of illegal firearms, possession and transfer of drugs. substances, transportation of stolen goods and other criminal offenses. 2676 violations were found.780 of the violations were speeding, 326 drivers were with irregular documents, 275 without seat belts, and in 189 of the cases the vehicle was with irregular documents.