This year's Insurers for Society Awards Presented

Publish date 06 October 2017
This year's Insurers for Society Awards Presented image

The competition was founded in 2015. as a joint initiative of the Association of Bulgarian Insurers (ABZ) and the Bulgarian Association of Insurance Brokers (BABB). With the approval of this competition, the insurance industry contributes to a more cohesive and socially oriented society.

The awards were presented at a gala ball on October 5, 2017 / Thursday /.

Charitable initiatives of the companies Bulstrad Life, Euroins and Generali received this year's awards.

I place: Bulstrad Life - Scholarship program "Ready for Success".

Helps young people who are motivated, purposeful and need a chance to prove their abilities

II place: Euroins - organizing a summer camp for orphans with severe physical disabilities;

III place: Generali - "Generali" thinks of the little ones!