Auto Casco insurance worldwide

Publish date 02 July 2019
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Auto Casco insurance has a history of about 100 years. But to this day it remains voluntary, although it provides the fullest possible insurance protection for the car. Its purpose is to cover full or partial damage to the vehicle as a result of natural disasters, fires, malicious acts of third parties, robbery, theft and traffic accidents, including even damage caused while parked.

  • Most often, buying a brand new car is a factor in the higher price of his motor hull insurance;
  • The widespread penetration of the Internet into people's lives has helped to reduce the prices of motor hull insurance, as it only takes a few clicks of the mouse to compare the offers of different companies;
  • There are countries in the world where the premiums of absolutely all drivers are the same. But otherwise the tendency is for insurance companies to treat each of their clients individually and to assess the personal risk to which they are exposed;
  • There are companies offering women's motor hull insurance that covers more damage - for example, roadside assistance or theft of a purse or jewelry that is forgotten in the car;
  • The driver's license also has an impact. Globally, practice shows that it can predict how long a person will live - statistics show that people who do not have accidents and acts are usually characterized by longer life expectancy regardless of the cause of death;
  • Although people under the age of 25 are seen as high-risk drivers, there are few insurance companies that are willing to reduce the cost of atocasco to their customers who pass that age;
  • The profession also influences the determination of the size and price of the individual motor hull. In some countries, if you are an engineer you will get the best offer;
  • In many countries, the area in which the owner of the insured car lives is also taken into account - if he lives in a place with a lot of car theft, this fact will increase the price of the motor hull insurance;
  • Half of the motor hull insurance premium is given to cover administrative costs and not to incur an insurance event or other damages;
  • The leading cause of death worldwide at the age of 18-25 is an accident that occurred as a result of a car accident. That is why insurance companies consider this age to be risky and the price of motor hull insurance for these drivers is significantly higher.