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The 10 countries with the best healthcare

The 10 countries with the best healthcare image

Healthcare is extremely important for the citizens of a country. It is also essential for the life expectancy of the population, as well as for the standard of living. Some countries manage to organize this system better than others.

See 10 countries that have perhaps the best healthcare systems in the world:

10. Cuba

In Cuba, they rely on disease prevention. Citizens have preventive check-ups regularly, great importance is attached to the hygiene of the home and public places, as well as sports.

9. Italy

Most Italians do not have private health insurance because what the government offers is enough, even though the state has one of the lowest levels of funding per capita for the health system (much less than the US, UK, Canada and Switzerland). The average life expectancy of Italians is 80.5 years, making them 12th in the world.

8. Japan

The average life expectancy is 86 years. Here they have one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world (3 in 1,000), a very short recovery time from serious illness, and the lowest obesity rate in the world.

7. France

In France, they have a universal health system, which is financed by the citizens, and the contribution is based on their income. Thus, the state manages to pay 70% of the medical expenses of the citizens. France has the lowest number of deaths from avoidable diseases.

6. Germany

In Germany, health insurance is compulsory. Citizens can choose from 200 funds. Germans contribute 8% of their income to health insurance, their employers also contribute 8%. For children, medical care is paid for by the state. However, German medics complain of insufficient pay.

5. Great Britain

8.4% of the country's GDP is used for healthcare. Health care is provided by the NHS (National Health Service), which is supported by the Ministry of Health.

4. Canada

Most services are paid for by the state. Citizens pay only for dentistry and prescription drugs.

3. China

China is currently undergoing a massive reform of the sector. The Chinese government is investing $ 124 billion in health care, which provides medical care to at least 90 percent of the population. The state is currently building 700,000 clinics.

2. Switzerland

Switzerland has had a universal health care system since 1994 through private insurers. Healthcare here is the second most expensive in the world, after the United States. Health insurance is not tied to salary. Citizens can choose from a variety of private plans, and those who cannot afford them apply for a state subsidy.

1. Taiwan

The Taiwanese government is fully responsible for providing health care to its citizens. Here they are very fond of smart cards. Smart cards contain the entire history of a person from birth and make it easier for doctors. There are subsidies for pensioners and the unemployed.