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12 banks in Bulgaria with assets of over 1 billion euros

NEWS_PUBLISH_DATE 05 November 2013
12 banks in Bulgaria with assets of over 1 billion euros image

A total of 12 of the 30 commercial banks represented in the country manage assets worth over 1 billion euros, according to a report by
Leaders in this regard are Unicredit Bulbank, DSK Bank and First Investment Bank, which recently announced that it has acquired MKB Unionbank.
These are the most profitable banks in Bulgaria. At the head are also United Bulgarian Bank, the public Corporate Commercial Bank, which reported an increase in its assets by about BGN 2 billion for the last year alone, and Raiffeisenbank. Postbank's assets amount to 2.8 billion euros, ranking it 7th among the largest banks in the country, ahead of Alfa Bank, SG Expressbank and the public Central Cooperative Bank. Piraeus Bank and CIBANK also have assets of more than 1 billion euros, while Allianz Bank manages 974 million euros.
In the last quarter alone, five of the treasuries in Bulgaria have added more than BGN 100 million in assets, or about EUR 50 million. Read more: We withdraw our money from CIBANK, BACB and Unicredit Bulbank These are Corporate Commercial Bank, United Bulgarian Bank, SG Expressbank, First Investment Bank and Postbank.
At the end of the third quarter, the assets of our banking system reached a record BGN 84.79 billion, or EUR 43.35 billion, increasing by BGN 1.62 billion or EUR 830 million for the period July 1 - September 30.