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17 bad decisions in a person's life

Publish date 05 September 2013
17 bad decisions in a person's life image

Sometimes even the smallest decisions in our lives can change it forever. Even these choices we make without thinking much of him. When we look back, we connect the dots and see that in many cases they have predetermined our path even more than the big, thoughtful steps, writes "Manager News".
In this regard, blogger Mark identifies 17 bad decisions in a person's life that we should avoid along the way. He calls them "terrible," even "the deadliest." Here they are.

1. Don't love what you are. Love what you do until you can commit to something you love, he says. Love where you are until you find something else you love more.

2. To wait and to wait and to wait. Good things don't really come to those who wait, but to those who act and pursue their dreams.

3. To change yourself because others have changed. People change. Get used to it. Accept it. Wish them all the best. And be happy in your own way.

4. To allow the anguish of the soul to determine you. Don't let your temporary wounds break you. Strong is not the one who does not cry, but the one who for a moment violently shows his tears. The question is how fast you will get up.

5. Run away from your problems. You will never be a medalist in this race.

6. To be ungrateful. Even in heavenly places, the ungrateful heart sees flaws. Choose to see the world with grateful eyes. He won't look like that anymore.

7. To allow anger to take over your heart for a long time. The best medicine is a strong dose of love, laughter and forgetfulness.

8. To believe that beauty looks a certain way. The truth is that originality and radiance are beauty.

9. Allow your expectation to degenerate into anger.

10. Do not respect others. Treat people the way you want them to treat you. Whatever happens in your life, if you are good to the people around you, you will leave a good trail, no matter what ideals you decide to pursue.

11. Not respecting yourself. Be good to yourself in your thoughts, words, and actions.

12. To impose a place in the lives of unfaithful friends and loved ones. People who want to stay in your life will always find a way to do it. True friends and loves remain true. Don't fight desperately for a place in someone's life. Never force other people to create space in theirs for you.

13. To rush into love in a hurry. It is not difficult to find someone who quickly tells you that he loves you. It's hard to find someone who really means it.

14. Neglect your most important relationships.

15. Trying to control every single detail. In everything.

16. Don't take risks. Be afraid of what would happen in case of failure.

17. To give up yourself. Life often does not give us what we want, but it happens not because we do not deserve it, but because we deserve something better. The important thing is to continue to believe in what only you are capable of doing with your mind and hands. No one can take it away from you.