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bTV launches 5 completely new formats from September 15

Publish date 05 September 2013
bTV launches 5 completely new formats from September 15 image

The season of big starts - that's how bTV announced the beginning of its autumn TV season. It is expected that from September 15 on the largest private television in our country will launch 5 completely new formats.

"Africa: The Stars Must Go Crazy" is the first premiere to air on September 15. Only celebrities placed in an unknown environment - all the way to Africa, where they have to contact the Bushmen without an interpreter and orient themselves in the situation. This is the plot of the action reality show, reminiscent of "Survivor". And among the stars who left for Botswana are the model Dilyana Popova and the actor Yavor Baharov. Extremely curious things are happening to them there, but Popova was very upset and often cried at the sight of hungry African children with swollen bellies, people from the film crew say.

The rock star Milena Slavova is also in the company together with the singer Teddy Katsarova, the writer Lyudmila Filipova, Georgi Milkov, editorial director of GEO magazine. They are accompanied by two other avid travelers - Prof. Hristo Pimpirev and bTV journalist and producer Georgi Toshev. The group is complemented by the rapper Bobo, Todor Georgiev from the second season of "The Voice of Bulgaria" and the model sisters Tolevi, 24 Chasa writes. All of them will be presented on September 15 at 8 pm, and from September 16 and after that every Monday bTV will broadcast the episodes of the show hosted by Anton Hekimyan and Yana Grudeva.

The culinary show "Pinch of Salt" will be broadcast in prime time on Tuesday and starts on September 17. Plovdiv resident Silvena Rowe is a top chef in London and she will host the show. In it she will compete with the guests in the studio, who will also cook. Even spectators will be involved live with recipes.

The funniest series - "More citizens of Sofia", returns on the usual day, Wednesday with its sixth season on September 18 at 9 p.m.

On September 19 (Thursday), Ani Salic will appear on the screen instead of 7 pm for the news an hour later as the face of the new show "Vox Popula" ("Voice of the People"). In it, she will discuss a specific life situation with the audience in the studio. Finally, viewers will vote on how it should end. That's why the show will look like an open-ended movie.

A week later - from September 26 will start "This is the price". The TV game genre itself is news for the bTV program, which has not released such an entertainment show for a long time. The game is licensed and broadcast worldwide. In it, participants know the price of various appliances and household items. It will be from 9 p.m.

Friday is the funny day on bTV. The new comedy show "Nothing Personal" starts on September 20. This will be a hidden Bulgarian camera, whose host will be Sylvester Silvestrov. By the way, his wife Maria Sylvester hosted on BNT "Sunday x 3". The producer of the new column is Radost Draganova, who hosts the women's show "Modern" on Saturday.

Immediately after the hidden camera, an episode of the sitcom "House Arrest" will be shown at 8.30 pm. At 9 pm is the traditional time for "Comedians".

Natalia Simeonova and the noble column "Pass on" returns to the air on September 28.

The second season of "The Family" with the participation of Asen Blatechki, Stefan Danailov, Vanya Tsvetkova and Yana Marinova is coming.

Another new format will be released this fall - "The Naked Truth", a variant of the popular show "Masters of the Air", which is broadcast on Nova TV.

Plans for this show have been going on for more than a year, when the media bought the license for the Italian show "Striscia la notizia". The producer - at that time the company "Media Pro", even shot a pilot issue, broadcast late at night.

Now bTV has assigned the show to "Dream Team" - the production house of Evtim Miloshev and Lubo Neykov. There is also a car ad on the screen, but it has not yet been decided when it will start.

Meanwhile, the media reported that the start of the shows "This Saturday" and "This Sunday" scheduled for this weekend has been postponed. The titular host of the columns, Lora Krumova, is on maternity leave and there is still no information when the shows will be resumed and who will replace Lora.

The return of the morning block of the television, which started yesterday with the new presenters Genka Shikerova and Konstantin Karadzhov, reported twice as high rating as its direct competitor.