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35% growth in new car sales

Publish date 20 April 2017
35% growth in new car sales image

Sales of new cars in March 2017 marked a growth of 35% according to data from the European Association of Automobile Manufacturers.

In Bulgaria in March 2017 3,005 new cars were purchased, and for the period January - March 6,607 cars were purchased. Compared to the same period for the past 2016. the growth is 22.5%.

When registering the purchased vehicle you must be prepared with the following documents:

  • written application for registration (there are forms on the spot, they are given ex officio);
  • documents for acquisition of ownership with data for identification of the vehicle (the contract and other documents that we have formed with the seller at the conclusion of the transaction);
  • ID;
  • document for concluded Civil Liability Insurance;
  • a customs document for formalized importation into the territory of the European Union (EU), if the vehicle is imported from a country outside the EU;
  • documents in connection with the product tax (called ecotax), prepared and provided by the seller of the vehicle at the conclusion of the transaction.